English Essay #2 Differences in Education (Sample)

English Essay #2 Differences in Education (Sample) - The...

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The role of education nowadays is more important in this society than how it used to be in the past. People were able to become successful in the past without finishing high school, but in this era, having a bachelor degree is not always enough. People demanded for graduates with more and better knowledge, because the more they know, the more the business is supposed to be profitable. That is why people who didn’t have good education end up on the road without a decent job. Even people with degrees could remain unemployed. Is this because of the type of education they had? Or is this because of where they came from? Every country has their own adaptation of teaching styles and education system. It is very different in different areas of this world. It is hard for us to guarantee that what they teach in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Antarctica is all the same. The Netherlands is a small country in Europe. The way they have been teaching there could be classified as ‘sticking to the schedule’. There hardly was any variation for the students and everyday it was most likely to be the same thing. However, there is a huge difference in elementary school and high school education system. During the elementary school, every class was assigned with one, or sometimes two teachers. These teachers were required to have a lot of knowledge about almost every subject. There were no teachers for each subject – one teacher had to teach everything. There was no
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English Essay #2 Differences in Education (Sample) - The...

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