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English Essay #3 Transgender & Transvestite (Sample)

English Essay #3 Transgender & Transvestite...

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The World of Transgenders Essay 3 July 21, 2009 ENGL 122 – 4085 Diablo Valley College Dr. Wright In this world, approximately 216.000 babies are born every day. When the female is giving birth to an infant, we would identify the child as either male or female – it is simply the biological gender that we are all familiar with. The baby grows up and is being raised with either a masculine or feminine attitude according to the sex. But as they grow older, some might realize
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that something is wrong. They might start thinking that they are born into the wrong bodies and believe that they are in fact the opposite gender. The sex of male or female they were assigned to during birth does not reflect their own knowledge of their gender. When this happens, there are several possibilities that can help them to feel more satisfied. This includes the process of becoming a cross-dresser or a transsexual. The term cross-dresser refers to a person who likes to wear clothing of the opposite gender in a particular society. They are sometimes also referred to transvestite. They are doing this because they are able to find pleasure and joy by doing so, not for any professional reason. They feel more comfortable and feel more at peace when wearing the opposite gender’s attire. Certain people are not that serious with this particular activity and do it to relieve them from their stress. They merely like to dress in women’s clothing, wear a skirt, a wig and high heels. They hide and don’t go out in public since it’s too embarrassing and it was just a temporary ecstasy.
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English Essay #3 Transgender & Transvestite...

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