English Research Paper - Health Care

English Research Paper - Health Care - The Unfair Health...

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The Unfair Health Care System in the United States Research Paper July 30, 2009 ENGL 122 – 4085 Diablo Valley College Dr. Wright The United States is considered as one of the most brilliant and well developed country throughout the world. Its fame and reputation has brought about all these opinions gathered
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from people all around the world. People would think that the US is one of the countries with the best education, greatest charities, finest health care system and simply the place where you go to if you want a promising future. However, the thing that people do not know is that one of these facts is a mere lie. The United States does not have the finest health care system and is one of the lowest health care providers instead. Many people have complained and this issue has been put into a debate recently. However, as we are discussing this problem right now, many people in the US are still suffering and dying because of a lack of good services. One of the main problems with the health care system here in the US is that many people are not able to afford any insurance from any of these insurance companies. Compared to other countries, it is indeed true that the US offers a greater price for their medical plans. The price can range from $47 until $381.14 with a difference in their plan type. To visit a doctor, it would cost $40 at a maximum. Because of this unaffordable price to many people, 16% of the population in America is living without any health insurance. In 2008, health care spending in the United States reached $2.4 trillion. It is projected that it will reach $4.3 trillion by 2016. A person’s spending per capita is approximately $6,697. This statistic proves that people has assumed that the prices for health care spending will increase even more in the upcoming year. This will enable even more people to get health insurances. People have assumed that the United States is one of the countries that have the greatest technological equipments to heal sick people. It is stated that the US does have a higher survival rates than most other countries for certain conditions, such as less common cancers. United States is ranked #102 on the death rate countdown. This proves that they do provide
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English Research Paper - Health Care - The Unfair Health...

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