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Jane Adams: middle-class family, build the Hull House, wanted to uplift the poor. Muckrakers: Journalists who exposed the underside and mischief of the American life. Muller v. Oregon: Oregon won the case that forbids women to work more than 10 hours Feminism: Doctrine by women activist that women should be equal to men in all areas of life Hiram Johnson: A middle-class republican, running for the CA governor in 1910. He pledged to purify CA politics and curb the Southern Pacific Railroad – the economic power in the state Triangle Fire: Fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company trapping many workers, mostly women, who hugged each other and jumped out of the window to the ground Robert M. LaFollete: Started as a conventional politician, rising from the Republican ranks in Winconsin to serve in Congress for three terms. He launched his campaign against the state Republican Machine to restore democratic ideals. Direct Primary: The selection of party candidates by a popular vote rather than by the party convention, this progressive reform was especially pressed by LaFotte, who viewed it as an instrument for breaking the grip of machines on the political parties. Booker T. Washington:
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