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History Flashcards #4 - Alphabet Agencies Federal programs...

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Alphabet Agencies: Federal programs to relief people from the Great Depression and prevent another stock market crash (CCC, CWA, FERA, AAA, NRA) Liberty League: 1934, Republican business leaders joined with conservative democrats in this league to lobby against the reckless spending and socialist reforms of the new deal. Schechter v US: A firm in Brooklyn sold diseased chickens to local storekeepers violating NRA codes. The court declared that the NRA unconstitutionally extended federal authority to intrastate commerce. Roosevelt protested, but was helpless. Francis Townsend: A CA doctor who spoke for nation’s eldery, most who had no pension plans and feared poverty in their old age. He proposed the Old Age Revolving Pension Act which would give $200 a month to citizens >60, but have to retire to give positions to younger people. Charles Coughlin: A priest who turned against Roosevelt when he refused to nationalize the banking system and expand money supply. He organized the National Union for Social Justice and continued to attack admin’s policies. Huey Long: Democratic governor established a national movement “Share Our Wealth Society” argue that they suffer under consumption not overproduction. There’s an unequal distribution of wealth. Long hoped this would carry him to the White House. Wagner Act: Named after Senator Robert F. Wagner from NY. It upheld the right of industrial workers to join unions (except farmers). It outlaws practices used by employers to squelch unions, like firing workers for organizing activities. Also establish National Labor Relations Board which protects workers and allows collective bargaining. Social Security Act: Provided old age pensions for most privately employed workers and established a joint-federal state system of compensation for unemployed. Social security insurance was supported from contributions in the form of taxes on individuals’ wages and employers’ payrolls rather than directly from Government funds. Eleanor Roosevelt:
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History Flashcards #4 - Alphabet Agencies Federal programs...

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