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Social welfare liberalism: Liberal theology implemented in the US during the New Deal (1930) and Great Society (1960). It uses financial & beurocratic resources of the state and federal governments to provide economic and social security to individual citizens, Hundred days: a legislative session where Congress enacted 15 major bills: Emergency Banking Act (banking failures), Agricultural Adjustment Act (agricultural overproduction), National Recovery Act (business slump) & Unemployment Legislation (soaring unemployment). Emergency Banking Act: four-day mandatory shutdown of U.S. banks for inspections before they could be reopened, sought to re- instill investor confidence and stability in the banking system. Helped restore credibility to banking system & creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Agricultural Adjustment Act: to restore the purchasing power farmers. Provide cash subsidies to farmers who would cut production of 7 major commodities, imposed tax on the processors of these commodities. National Industrial Recovery Act: Each industry regulated itself by hammering out a government approved code of prices and Federal Emergency Relief Admin: attempted to provide recovery and relief from the Great Depression by the establishment of a number of emergency relief programs. First of his major relief operations, provided state assistance for the unemployed and their families. Works Progress admin: Directed by Harry Hopkins as it became the main federal relief agency. WPA put workers directly onto federal payroll, spend $10.5billion to employ 8.5m Americans. Reached out only to 1/3 of unemployed.
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