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Christian Liyadi Chapter 17 Vertical Integration : a vertically integrated firm capable of handling within its own structure all the functions of an industry Samuel Gompers : He hammered out a doctrine that he called “pure-and-simple” unionism. Pure referred to membership: strictly limited to workers, organized by craft and occupation, with no participation by middle-class reformers. Simple referred to goals: only what immediately benefited workers-wages, hours and working conditions. It focused on the work place, where workers had some power, and was suspicious of politics. What it aimed at was collective bargaining with employers Eugene V. Debs : He was elected national secretary-treasurer of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, one of the craft unions that represented the skilled operating trades on the railroads. He devoted himself to the American Railway Union, an industrial union, a union open to all railroad workers, regardless of skills. That was why the Pullman workers were eligible for ARU membership. Debs also joined in the revolt against the dogmatic De Leon and helped launch the rival Socialist Party of America in 1901. Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) : was created by the joint of the WFM with the left-wing Socialist led by the fiery Boyce and “Big Bill” Haywood. The Wobblies, as IWW members were called, fervently supported the Marxist class struggle – but at the workplace rather than in politics. Chapter 18 Electric lights: invented by Thomas Edison. Used to power almost anything. Replaced the previously gaslight that was too dim to use. Dumbell tenement: In a design contest that met the 1879 requirements with windows in each room, this plan won. The interior indentation, which created an airshaft between adjoining buildings, gave the dumbbell shape.
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