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Flawed Character, as stated by Bradley Schiller, is a poverty theory that “is regarded as the natural result of individual defects in aspiration or ability” (Schiller P3). He also mentions that “the Flawed Character perspective sees individuals as in full control of their socioeconomic status” (Schiller P4). However, like all things in life, this argument on poverty isn’t perfect and has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses. The first assumption that human capital is rewarded in the marketplace, for instance, is a strong premise stating if one were to invest time in college, the likelihood of them earning more than a college dropout or a high school graduate is a lot higher. The remaining assumptions however are less convincing. Rational choice, the second
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Unformatted text preview: assumption, suggests people should know their options and if “they make the wrong choices their poverty is understandable” (Schiller P4). This idea isn’t necessarily applicable to everyone because some are born into poverty and did not choose their lifestyles. The last assumption, pervasive opportunity, implies that “anyone who wants to move up in the income ladder can” (Schiller P4). As motivating as that sounds, people who want to essentially progress through life might not have the necessary means such as networking and monetary capabilities to be able to. Thus, both the rational choice and the pervasive opportunity assumptions only really apply to those who are born into such stability and are provided with the needed resources....
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