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In the article, “Outsourcing Creates Jobs and Widens the Wage Gap,” David Wessel poses his stance on the idea of outsourcing jobs. Firstly, he believes that outsourcing overseas could increase the income gap. Wessel cleverly points out that “two different kinds of jobs are likely to flourish amid outsourcing and computerization” (P.132). The first being the requirement of more physical contact careers like gardeners and janitors. High-end jobs remaining here in America is the second believed job to thrive. He also states that “the sophistication of computers and spread of overseas outsourcing threaten many of the jobs that [essentially] replaced old factory jobs. Thus those who used to work those old factory jobs are then forced to take on low skilled careers like car washers and baby-sitters.
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Unformatted text preview: “Waking Up From The American Dream,” the article written by Aaron Bernstein also presents a different stance on outsourcing Bernstein states that although “immigrants have been the most celebrated symbols of US mobility” (P. 96). However, immigrants in the United States, according to the article, encounter difficulty achieving middle class status, and thus leave them behind in the income ladder. Bernstein also provides that “the spread between immigrant and native born incomes is about three times greater today than it was a century ago” (P.96). Overall Wessel believes that outsourcing jobs provides more opportunity for immigrants and those is different countries. Bernstein on the other hand, deems that immigrants and foreigners do not benefit from outsourcing due to their disadvantages....
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