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Schiller - of Flawed Character Another explanation the...

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In the short reading, “Views of Inequality and Poverty” written by Bradley R. Schiller provides three theories explaining the causes of poverty. However, all three theories—Flawed Character, Restricted Opportunity and Big Brother—are all completely different, and sharply divided within public opinion. Those who claim “poverty is the natural result of individual defects in aspiration or ability” (Schiller P.3) believe in Flawed Character. In the article’s definition, aspiration and ability refer to motivation and work ethic. Schiller goes on to state that Human Capital is the foundation of the Flawed Character Theory, which implies that “people who get ahead are those individuals who make the necessary investments” (Schiller P.4). Being rewarded in the marketplaces, rational choice and the existence of pervasive opportunity are the three major components in the Human Capital explanation
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Unformatted text preview: of Flawed Character. Another explanation, the Restricted Opportunity Theory, explains that poverty results from circumstances beyond the control of the individual (Schiller P.4). In water downed terms, poverty exists because people are treated unequally and do not have the possible means to good careers, education and paychecks. The argument states that the poor face daily discrimination, which results in their lack of work ethic as well as effort. The last believed cause of poverty is the Big Brother Theory, which blames the government for destroying incentives for stable [lifestyles] and economic self sufficiency (Schiller P.4). The followers of this theory deem the government, as enablers due to their programs like: welfare and affirmative action. Overall, they feel government assistance makes the poor dependent....
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