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Majora Carter, the speaker in the “Tale of Urban Renewal,” was truly inspiring! In her speech, she suggests: for people to be proactive as well as to have the “audacity and courage to change the world” (Carter). Of course, one should practice what they preach and Majora did just that. She was for instance, one of the many people who helped developed the first water front park for south Bronx in sixty years. Aside, from Majora’s views on making an impact on ones community, she discusses the environmental injustice her and her family experienced. She traces the start of city planning in New York City that as the root of the inequality. Majora explains that city planners disregarded the thoughts and opinions of those that resided in the ghetto only to cater to
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Unformatted text preview: the wealthy—those residing in Manhattan and suburban areas. Interestingly enough she describes herself living in between two worlds: with the educated/thriving and the Bronx, her hometown. This is a clear realization about the clear divide in our country of rich and poor. Majora does a great comparison of both the Bronx and New Orleans; two places one never thought of as similar. She points out the government negligence as well as high poverty rates in both locations. From Majora’s comparisons, I thought of the places around my hometown like Los Angeles and Compton. These places like the Bronx, I believe have been ignored by the government and where its citizens do not have adequate access (work, a great school district, etc.)....
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