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Economic Mobility:Economic Inequality Draft 1

Economic Mobility:Economic Inequality Draft 1 - Vanessa...

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Vanessa Reapor Economics 303, Section 01 Dr. C. Battista November 15, 2010 Economic Mobility/Economic Inequality First Draft Aaron Bernstein and both of David Wessel’s articles discuss the role of education as a component of economic inequality and mobility. In “Waking Up From The American Dream,” Bernstein’s main emphasis is on upward mobility. Therefore, in order to obtain such mobility a college degree must be pursued. However, attending college is out of reach for low-income students due to cost. This disadvantage thus leads children of lower income families to attend community college or to not even further their education. Then in Wessel’s first article, “Outsourcing Creates Jobs and Widens the Wage Gap,” states that the demand for educated workers has definitely increased, which is proven through the invention of new technological products. Unfortunately, “to be a successful middle-skilled worker in the US takes more and more school, but education is slow in upward mobility” (Wessel P. 135). This thought
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  • upward mobility, lower income families, DAVID WESSEL, Economic Mobility/Economic Inequality, Rich-Poor Gap Widens

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