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Hidden Bias - the other hand are portrayed as nuisances and...

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The article “Hidden Bias” has yet again opened my eyes to my unconscious thoughts. For starters, being a minority—a woman and a Filipino—I “do not show a strong bias favoring [my] own ethnic group” (Hidden Bias Article) because I was raised in white dominant America. This fact came to my clear attention when I took the IAT test. My results suggested that I have a moderate automatic preference for European Americans compared to African Americans. Receiving these results did not really frighten me because my closets and best friends are people of European American decent. Aside from white dominant America influencing my hidden biases, the media does even a greater job of portraying what is acceptable and what is not. Movies, television shows, and advertisements mostly depicts and incorporates the Caucasian with innocence, wealth, and positivity. Minority groups—African Americans, Asians, Latinos, etc.—on
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Unformatted text preview: the other hand are portrayed as nuisances and associated with poverty. Growing up in Los Angeles County, specifically Long Beach, I have been around the hysteria of Hollywood: plastic surgeries, wealth, glamour, fashion, etc. Only recently have I seen billboard advertisements of African American models. I agree with the article’s suggested ways of changing unconscious stereotypes and attitudes: learning at an early age and with the help of the community. Like I stated I was raised in a heavily urban setting, and from pre-school to senior year of high school my classes were pretty diverse with no dominant ethnicity. This sort of integration and being exposed to others a lot different from me in physicality has helped me become more accepting and knowledgeable of other cultures....
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