Aversive Racism

Aversive Racism - without even thinking about it. However,...

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John F. Dovidio and Samuel Gaertner the authors of the article “Color Blind or Just Plain Blind?: The Pernicious Nature of Contemporary Racism” both believe in the existence of contemporary/aversive racism. They have done research that states racism has transitioned and evolved from overt racism into something that cannot be seen and internalized by the human, aversive/contemporary racism. In water-downed terms, overt is a directed and known action while aversive is more of an acute unconscious action. Dovidio and Gaertner go onto say that if aversive/contemporary racism is not tackled, consequences may be severe. I think this statement might be a little extreme because our thoughts and feelings are all unconsciously internalized and inevitable. For example, when we see a stranger walking down the street we automatically categorize them
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Unformatted text preview: without even thinking about it. However, this doesn’t make us criminals it only proves that we are all humans with the ability to think and feel. In my personal opinion, Dovidio and Gaertner are just trying to coin our natural thinking processes into harsh and blunt terms, and accusing us of all being racists. I know judging a book by its cover is wrong, but I’m not fully convinced with Dovidio and Gaertner’s article. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I myself have not experienced major discrimination. Maybe this is because I am from a heavily urban environment with a diverse population or maybe because I am just flat out lucky to not have experienced severe prejudice?...
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