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International Human Resource Management Field Project Interview Questions for February 3 rd at 2:30pm Conducted by Vanessa Reapor and Carly Weinstein 1. Can you briefly describe your HR structure? How is global and national HR linked? a. How are differences managed (i.e. compensation, training, recruiting) across boarders? 2. In your opinion, what are the major challenges that adidas faces? More specifically, HR. 3. How does your company culture shape your HR practices? 4 . How are you business goals different by region/country? 5 . What stage of global development is adidas in?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is adidas' global entry method (partnership, joint venture, etc. .)? 7. How do you deal with acquisitions nationally and globally? a. What is HR's role in acquisitions? 8. How often does adidas work with expatriates? What jobs do you send expatriates for? a. How effective do you deem their work? b. How does HR recruit and select expatriates? c. How defined is your expatriate program (length, compensation, benefits, etc. .)? d. How often is this policy reviewed/revised?...
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