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Case 3 No. 4

Case 3 No. 4 - would negatively impact the other regions...

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Case 3 Problem 4 We are aware of Northern Oregon’s suggestions of utilizing both kiosks and staffing agencies for the entire organization’s recruitment policy. This division, however, has a more professional stance compared to the other regions, and believes referrals only lead to unqualified workers. This claim is not necessarily valid because Western Washington—the largest and most profitable region—uses referrals successfully. Also, limiting the organization’s recruitment approaches to only two methods
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Unformatted text preview: would negatively impact the other regions external hiring since all divisions are different. Southern Oregon, for instance, is the smallest region and would benefit from the use of referrals because of its low cost/hire, decreased hiring time and future employer familiarity with the company culture. Tanglewood, therefore, should instead use a broader range of methods: referrals, job services, kiosks as well as the media in order to recruit the candidates they are looking for....
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