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Case 6 - 5 point Notified all employees/superiors of the...

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Scoring  Key: Interviewer Comments: 1 point: Overlooked issues with customer service and did  nothing to change their own or their employees behavior  2 point: Notified employees or supervisor of low scores and/or  complaints  3 point: Notified all employees/superiors of the issues with  customer service and provided suggestions on how to improve 4 point: Notified all employees/superiors of the customer  service issues, helped to set goals for future customer  satisfaction scores, pointed out problem areas and how they  could be fixed, monitored employees while they helped  customers, and gave them feedback on their performance.
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Unformatted text preview: 5 point: Notified all employees/superiors of the customer service issues, helped to set goals for future customer satisfaction scores, pointed out problem areas and how they could be fixed, monitored employees while they helped customers, and gave them feedback on their performance and informed employees on consequences and/or rewards of not meeting or meeting customer service scores The interviewer felt the question needed to be more direct as well as restated. Also, the question excludes applicants who haven’t had experience with customer service and supervising employees....
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