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Significant Problems of Tanglewood Turnover After reviewing the information from the regional data and exit interviews, we have discovered major factors that strongly associate with the store-level manger turnover. The top major factors we found are: better alternatives, company dissatisfaction and personal reasons. As shown on Table 7.1, over half of the studied regions scored above 5 on the competition index proving that Tanglewood is losing their employees to competition as well as to superior alternatives. For instance, many store managers expressed they were getting paid more else where. Also, Tanglewood did not provide
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Unformatted text preview: financial support for those mangers that wanted to pursue an MBA. Another significant reason why managers left was their dissatisfaction with Tanglewood as an organization. Mangers of the eastern and southern regions expressed they were unhappy with the company culture. They also felt Tanglewood’s mission and goals were very unclear to them. The last important factor of manager turnover we discovered were personal reasons such as family. Some Tanglewood managers, for instance, are involved in dual career relationships, and are more willing to give up their careers because of their spouses....
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