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Case 7 Rational Weighting Rather than using equal weighting, each predictor in the rational weighting method receives a differential weighting. Area experts as well as the Tanglewood managers develop the weights (w) for each predictor (P) for job success. The equation is as follows: weights multiplied by predictors leading to a total score. Therefore, with the utilization of the Rational Weighting Process, the top 3 applicants are: Thomas Reznor, Davis Andrews and Max Renior. Compared to the multiple hurdles model—where an applicant must have a
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Unformatted text preview: passing score on the selected predictors before progressing to the next stage—the rational weighting method is a better procedure for Tanglewood. The multiple hurdle model, for instance, is not only expensive, but is designed for the selection of hazardous jobs. The rational weighting process on the other hand may be time consuming because it requires mutual agreement by the managers and the experts, but it gives careful importance to each predictor....
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