Collenchyma tissue

Collenchyma tissue - throughout the plant example the...

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Collenchyma tissue Collenchyma elongate; primary wall unevenly thickened (thicker in corners); living at maturity in patches near outside of stems, along veins of leaves; example: “strings” in celery support of young growing plant (primary plant body); flexible support for soft organs Sclerenchyma tissue Sclereid cuboidal, with thick secondary wall; either living or dead at maturity
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Unformatted text preview: throughout the plant; example: the gritty texture of pears form hard layers of shells (as in peanuts) and pits of fruit (such as peaches); occur in small groups around wounds Fiber long with lignified thick secondary wall; usually dead at maturity associated with xylem and phloem; example: “strings” in leaves of grasses support; storage...
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