Dermal tissue system

Dermal tissue system - epidermal cells Periderm Parenchyma...

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Dermal tissue system Epidermis Parenchyma, guard cells, trichomes (hairs), specialized, e.g. open and close stomata; cutinized outer walls; alive at maturity; leaf epidermal cells transparent, without outer layer of primary plant body, herbaceous plants; broken and lost in secondary body development protection; usually a single layer of cells; root hairs are out-growth of
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Unformatted text preview: epidermal cells Periderm Parenchyma, cork cells, sclereids, cork cambium living cork cambial cells produce heavily suberized cork cells that are dead at maturity bark of woody plants; first layers beneath the epidermis, later layers deeper; many cork cambia, not a single cylinder like vascular cambium protection for older stems and roots; replaces epidermis...
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