Divisions of Plant Science

Divisions of Plant Science - applied fields like forestry...

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Divisions of Plant Science Biology , the study of life, historically was divided into  zoology , the scientific study of  animals, and  botany , the scientific study of plants, which in the past included the  bacteria, algae lichens fungi . Botany today is more often called  plant biology  or  sometimes  plant science Botanists may specialize in a subject matter field like  ecology  or  genetics  or else study  all aspects of one group of plants, (and are then called  bryologists  if they study  mosses, for example, or  pteridologists  if they study ferns). The plant scientists in 
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Unformatted text preview: applied fields like forestry or horticulture rarely call themselves botanists, but they often study the same processes and structures as do botanists. Microbiologists investigate microorganisms such as bacteria and may specialize in such aspects as microbial ecology . Molecular biologists are interested in the structure and function of biological macromolecules and study such processes as the biochemical aspects of genetics while plant physiologists analyze metabolic processes such as photosynthesis....
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