Mendel then let the F1 plants self

Mendel then let the F1 plants self - Punnett square a grid...

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Mendel then let the F 1  plants self-pollinate: Tt × Tt and in the F 2  generation counted the numbers of  individuals with each of the traits. For the tall × dwarf crosses he got 787 tall plants and 277 dwarf  plants (6,022 yellow seeds and 2,001 green seeds, and so forth).  An easy way to determine the possible gene combinations is to construct a 
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Unformatted text preview: Punnett square , a grid in which all the possible gametes from one parent are listed on one side and those from the second parent across the top. Combine the gametes from the side and the top in the squares, and all of the possible gamete combinations are diagrammed. The previous cross in a Punnett square would look like this:...
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