phosphorus - many enzymes leaf tips and margins turn upward...

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phosphorus component of ATP and ADP (essential energy-carrying compounds), nucleic acids, several essential coenzymes, phospholipids of membranes stunted growth of whole plant; dark green color; antho cyanins accumulate in vacuoles giving purple tinge to leaves; second most- likely nutrient to be deficient in soil magnesium Mg 2+ center of chlorophyll molecule; activator of
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Unformatted text preview: many enzymes leaf tips and margins turn upward on mostly older leaves; chlorosis, mottling, some dead spots and reddish color of leaves sulfur SO 4 2 component of some amino acids, proteins, and coenzyme A; can be absorbed through stomata as gaseous SO 2 young leaves with chlorosis between the veins: sulfur is rarely limiting...
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