Prokaryote Metabolism

Prokaryote Metabolism - energy and carbon acquisition are...

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Prokaryote Metabolism The prokaryotes are the most metabolically diverse of all organisms and have some exotic ways to  obtain and channel their needs. Organisms need carbon for building cells and energy to fuel the  process; eukaryotes, in general, all follow the same basic metabolic pathways whereas prokaryotes  use a variety of materials and pathways—some employed by no other organisms. The terms for 
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Unformatted text preview: energy and carbon acquisition are not standardized among biologists and microbiologists, and to make matters worse, are inconsistently used concerning the separation of energy and carbon acquisition. Table 1 lists some basic terms frequently used by plant biologists. TABLE 1 Metabolic Requirements and Terms Requirement and Source Name Energy source sun photosynthesizers (photoautotrophs)...
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