Viral Diseases of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

Viral Diseases of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems...

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Viral Diseases of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems Yellow fever. Yellow fever  is a viral disease of the bloodstream transmitted by the  mosquito   Aedes  aegypti . The virus is an RNA-containing particle that is icosahedral. After injection by the mosquito,  the virus spreads to the lymph nodes and blood, where it persists in the bloodrich organs such as the  liver. Very high fever, nausea, and jaundice accompany the disease. The mortality rate is high. Two  vaccines are available for preventing yellow fever.  Dengue fever. Dengue fever  is transmitted by the  Aedes aegypti   mosquito  and caused by an RNA  virus. The viruses enter the bloodstream, where they cause fever and severe muscle, bone, and joint  pains, leading to  breakbone fever.  Successive exposures to the virus may result in  dengue  hemorrhagic fever , in which extensive hemorrhaging occurs in the blood-rich organs. 
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Unformatted text preview: Infectious mononucleosis. Infectious mononucleosis is caused by a herpes virus believed to be the Epstein-Barr virus. This virus has DNA and an envelope and the ability to remain latent in the B-lymphocytes. Symptoms of infectious mononucleosis include sore throat, mild fever, enlarged spleen, and an elevation of infected B-lymphocytes known as Downey cells. The viruses are often transmitted by saliva. Treatment usually consists of extensive bed rest, and recurrences are possible. The virus of infectious mononucleosis is related to a type of tumor of the jaw tissues known as Burkitt's lymphoma. Most often seen in Africa, the condition is related to mononucleosis because of its etiologic agent. The Epstein-Barr virus is also related to cases of Epstein-Barr virus disease , known on occasion as chronic fatigue syndrome....
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