abend theory syllabus spring 2011

and chapter ii rules for the observation of social

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Unformatted text preview: ase note that… I reserve the right to make changes in the syllabus, including the schedule below. This is because our pace will partly depend on which readings and questions students find more interesting and more difficult to understand (so that more time needs to be spent on them). Changes will be announced in class and posted on Blackboard, which is your responsibility to periodically check for announcements and updates. 11. Schedule * Full references in section 12 below Week 1: Tue 1/25 and Thu 1/27 Topic/s  ­ Introduction: what is theory for?  ­ What (the heck) is theory, anyway? Read Abend, “The Meaning of ‘Theory’,” pp. 173 ­181 4 Week 2: Tue 2/1 and Thu 2/3 Topic/s  ­ The prehistory of social theory Read Calhoun reader, pp. 39 ­43 (Kant, What is Enlightenment?) Calhoun reader, pp. 55 ­71 (Tocqueville, Democracy in America) “Social Contract Theory” in Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy http://www.iep.utm.edu/soc ­cont/ Week 3: Tue 2/8 and Thu 2/10 Topic/s  ­ The sociological perspective  ­ Social construction Read C. W. Mills, The Sociological Imagination, pp. 3 ­24 Zerubavel, Social Mindscapes, pp. 1 ­34 Week 4: Tue 2/15 and Thu 2/17 Topic/s  ­ Social construction (continued) Read Durkheim and Mauss, Primitive Classification, chapters “The Problem,” “The Australian Type of Classification,” and “Conclusions” Hacking, The Social Construction of What?, chapter “Madness: Biological or Constructed?” Week 5: Tue 2/22 and Thu 2/24 2/22 First Test 2/24 Topic/s  ­ Durkheim on social facts Read Rules of Sociological Method, Preface, Preface to the...
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