abend theory syllabus spring 2011

As to makeup examinations i follow nyu policy as

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Unformatted text preview: tion sections. Good participation also includes asking good questions, which show that you’ve read closely and critically. (6) Take 4 tests and a final exam. 6. Examinations You’ll have to take 4 tests throughout the semester. They will be: (a) in ­class; (b) closed ­books; and (c) non ­ cumulative. Many of the questions (though not necessarily all) will be concrete questions about the texts and the lectures. For example: What’s author A’s argument about X? What does author B say about Y? What objections did the professor raise against author C’s argument? There might be questions about the films that we’ll watch, too. You’ll also have to take a final exam, which will be similar to the tests, except that it will be longer, cumulative, and have more weight in the final grade (see below). Given the nature of the questions, it’s impossible for you to do well if you don’t do the readings thoroughly. A cursory reading won’t suffice. As to makeup examinations, I follow NYU policy as stated here: http://cas.nyu.edu/object/bulletin0810.ug.academicpolicies (a) If you miss a test or the final because of illness you must email the instructor within 24 hours to explain the nature of your condition. (b) Eventually “a doctor’s note must be presented to the instructor.” (c) “The time and place of any makeup examinations a...
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