abend theory syllabus spring 2011

Beyond that your absences will negatively impact your

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Unformatted text preview: r in laboratory work or engages in plagiarism, appropriate disciplinary action should be taken. The department can take the following actions: (a) The faculty member, with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies (director), may reduce the student’s grade or give the student an F in the course. (b) If after lowering the grade or assigning an F the department believes a more severe penalty (i.e., probation, suspension, expulsion) is warranted, it can refer the case to the dean or his or her representative (associate dean for students) for further action. 5. Requirements (1) Attendance to lectures and recitation sections is mandatory. You may skip 3 lectures and 1 recitation section without penalization. Beyond that, your absences will negatively impact your participation grade. Absences due to illness require that you present a signed doctor’s note upon your recovery. (2) Punctuality (please don’t be late). (3) Do the assigned weekly reading by the Tuesday lecture (even if your section is on Thursday). Otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of my lectures, much less ask good questions and participate in the discussion. (4) Bring the assigned reading to both lectures and recitation sections. You’ll need to have the text in front of you, because we’ll analyze specific passages. 2 (5) Oral participation in lectures and especially recita...
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