abend theory syllabus spring 2011

Foremost among these is academic integrity cheating

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Unformatted text preview: mates, whether you agree or disagree with them. 4. Integrity I follow NYU’s academic integrity policy; I will take violations very seriously. http://cas.nyu.edu/object/bulletin0810.ug.academicpolicies Community of the Mind The College is a “community of the mind.” Its students, faculty, and staff all share the goal of pursuing truth through free and open inquiry, and we support one another’s endeavors in this regard. As in any community, membership comes with certain rights and responsibilities. Foremost among these is academic integrity. Cheating on an exam, falsifying data, or having someone else write a paper undermines others who are “doing it on their own”; it makes it difficult or impossible to assess fairly a student’s interest, aptitude, and achievement; and it diminishes the cheater, depriving him or her of an education. Most important, academic dishonesty is a violation of the very principles upon which the academy is founded. Thus, when students enter the College, one of the first things that they are asked to do is to sign a community compact, recognizing these principles of academic integrity. For this reason also, violations of these principles are treated with the utmost seriousness. Procedures and Sanctions The penalty for academic dishonesty is severe. The following are the procedures as approved by the Faculty of Arts and Science. 1. If a student cheats on an examination o...
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