abend theory syllabus spring 2011

Wright 1959 the sociological imagination oxford

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Unformatted text preview: Karl Marx (continued)  ­ The kibbutz: som at work Read 6 Near, “Experiment and Survival: The Beginnings of the Kibbutz” Kershner, “The Kibbutz Sheds Som and Gains Popularity” 4/14 Third Test Week 13: Tue 4/19 and Thu 4/21 Topic/s  ­ Marx film: we’ll watch and discuss the movie Harlan County  ­ Social, Cultural, and Moral Relativism Read Garber, “Eskimo Infanticide” Balikci, “Female Infanticide on the Arctic Coast” Benedict, “Morality is Relative” Rachels, “Morality is not Relative” Week 14: Tue 4/26 and Thu 4/28 Topic/s  ­ Social, Cultural, and Moral Relativism (continued)  ­ Max Weber Read Weber, “Science as a Vocation” Calhoun reader, pp. 228 ­246 (The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism) Week 15: Tue 5/3 and Thu 5/5 5/3 Topic/s  ­ Max Weber (continued) Rea...
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