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Unformatted text preview: Prof. Richard Arum Introduction to Sociology (V93.0001) October 5, 2010 Midterm I Respond to the following prompt. Your response should be typed, double spaced, and no more than eight pages total (regular format and font: 1 inch margins and type no smaller than 12 point). Your paper is due in class on Tuesday, October 12. Late papers should be delivered directly to your teaching assistant. Late papers will suffer a one point penalty per day (papers turned in after the regular class period on Tuesday will be penalized). 20 points possible. Peter Berger noted that social “location tells an individual just what he may do and what he can expect of life.” In a comparative “socio-biographical” analysis, consider your own and a fellow Introductory to Sociology student’s social location in terms of individual identity and educational and occupation trajectories. What sociological factors explain commonalities and differences in your identities and life-course trajectories. In your response, be sure to apply and cite relevant readings from the class that provides an analytical lens for your essay...
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This note was uploaded on 11/14/2011 for the course SOCIOLOGY V93.0001.0 taught by Professor Arum during the Fall '10 term at NYU.

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