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Richard Arum (e-mail: Office Hours: Tuesday 11-1 (or by appt.); 246 Greene – 3 rd Floor Fall 2010 V93.0001: Introduction to Sociology This course provides an overview of sociological theory and contemporary sociological research. The class will first explore various theories of society that were developed at the beginning of the twentieth century and laid the foundation for the emergence of the discipline of sociology (i.e., “classic social theory”), as well as a few contemporary variants and extensions. This theoretical exposure is designed to enable students to “think sociologically” or view the world through a “sociological lens”. Since sociology is an empirical social science, the majority of this introductory class will provide students with a sampling of how various contemporary sociologists have gone about measuring and understanding various social phenomena that surround us. Specifically, we will explore research in several sub-fields (such as the Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Family, Sociology of Education, etc.). Requirements/Grading: Lectures and section discussion will complement and extend the course reading; student attendance at both lectures and discussion sections is thus required. In addition, all students will be responsible for weekly one-page response memos due Tuesday in lecture every week (other than the first class, last class and the two days that the midterm assignments are due). There are three paper assignments for the class: the first two will be 8-10 pages, the third will be 12-14 pages (double-spaced). Grades will be calculated as follows: section attendance and participation - 1 pt. per session attended (capped at 10 pts), 4 additional pts. possible for active class participation; response memos – 2 pts. per memo turned in on time (1 pt. possible per late memo completed),
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Intro-syllabus090710 - Richard Arum (e-mail:...

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