Essay On The Color Purple

Essay On The Color Purple - An Escape from Abuse Violence...

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An Escape from Abuse Violence is ever present in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and it plays a strong role in the development of the characters. Rooted in the rural south, women are subject to a harsh reality where they are victims of cruelty from their husbands and fathers. Celie, the main character, struggles with violence from the first page of the novel. She is raped, beaten, abused and suffers from a constant mocking by the men in her life. From an early age, she develops a fear for men and associates safety with women. This leads Celie to form a love towards women and a hate towards men. In The Color Purple , the violence Celie endures by the men in her life leads her to find security and comfort in women, thus making her dependent and attracted to them. The environment the book is set in supports violence. Beating women is commonplace and acceptable behavior for men. In fact, the abuse of women in the novel is so normal, that Mr. ________’s male children think it is okay to beat their stepmother Celie. “He pick up a rock and laid my head open. The blood run all down tween my breasts. His daddy say Don’t do that! But that’s all he say” (Walker 12). The violence Celie endures is brutal and unjust – she cannot even rely on her husband to protect her from her stepchildren. Violence is part of the society these characters live in and life without it would seem foreign. When Mr. ________’s son Harpo asks him for advice with his new marriage, he replies “Well how you spect to make her mind? Wives is like children. You have to let ‘em know who got the upper hand. Nothing can do that better than a good sound beating” (Walker 36). This shows just how acceptable violence is in the characters’ lives. The men rely on violence instead of turning to dialogue to solve
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2 their problems. Celie is forced into marrying Mr. ________, “Mr. ________ marry me to take care of his children. I marry him cause my daddy made me. I don’t love Mr. ________ and he don’t love me” (Walker 64). From father to husband, Celie has never felt love from a man and that has lead her to form her liking of women. Mr. ________ considers beating to be a necessity in marriage. “Harpo ast his daddy why he beat me. Mr. ________ say, Cause she my wife. Plus, she stubborn” (Walker 23). In marriage, the woman is supposed to be able to feel safe and loved with her husband, but Celie feels only fear and pain. The fact that her own husband does not treat her well further influences her to find comfort in relationships with women. The women in the novel have
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Essay On The Color Purple - An Escape from Abuse Violence...

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