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Jonathan Grant GEOL 1330D Dr. Rhodes 1/22/10 Ch.1 Key Terms Environmental geology: the study of how the natural workings of the physical Earth apply to the problems we face in dealing with our environment. IPAT equation: a measure of human environmental impact Carrying capacity: the maximum size to which a population can grow and be maintained indefinitely given an existing resource base Ecological overshoot: the exceeding of carrying capacity with destructive consequence Global positioning systems (GPS): systems that environmental geologists employ to pinpoint locations using satellites.
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Unformatted text preview: • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): the on-line data sets and their processing by high-speed computers • Anthropocene : the period of geologic time in which the human species has been a major player in shaping landscape change on earth’s surface • Doubling time : the number of years required for a population to double in size • Compound growth equation: quantifying how rapidly a certain quantity will grow at a fixed rate of increase • Human carrying capacity: the size of human population that can be indefinitely supported by essential natural resources....
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