geologytermsCH.2 - organisms, such as coral reef, shell...

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Jonathan Grant GEOL 1330D Dr. Rhodes 1/31/2010 Ch. 2 Key Terms Amorphous: descriptive term applied to glasses and other substances that lack an orderly internal crystal structure Aphanitic texture: a fine-grained igneous-rock texture resulting from rapid cooling. Aphanites are fine-grained igneous rocks. Atom: the smallest particle of an element that can exist either alone or in combination with similar particles of the same or different element. Batholith: a large, discordant intrusive body greater than 100 km^2 in surface area with no known bottom. Batholiths are granitic in composition. Biogenic sedimentary rock: rocks resulting directly from the activities of living
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Unformatted text preview: organisms, such as coral reef, shell limestone, or coal. Chemical sedimentary rock: rock resulting from precipitation of chemical compounds from a water solution. Clastic: describing rock or sediment composed primarily of detritus of preexisting rocks or minerals. Half-life: the period of time which one-half of a given number of atoms of a radioactive element or isotope will disintegrate. Foliation: the planar or wavy structure that results from the flattened growth of minerals in a metamorphic rock. Luster: the manner in which a mineral reflects light using such terms as metallic, resinous, silky, and glassy....
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geologytermsCH.2 - organisms, such as coral reef, shell...

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