geologytermsCH.11 - break down, releasing chlorine atoms...

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Jonathan Grant GEOL 1330D Dr. Rhodes 1/24/10 Ch. 11 Key Terms Ablate: process by which snow or ice is lost from a glacier, floating ice, or snow cover. Include melting, evaporation, and calving Ablation zone: the part of a glacier or a snowfield in which ablation exceeds accumulation over a year’s time; the region before the firn line Aerosols: a suspension of very fine, liquid and solid particles in the atmosphere Boreal: the northern and mountainous regions of the Northern Hemisphere in which the average temperature of the hottest season does not exceed 64.4 F Calving: the breaking away of a block of ice, usually from the front of a tidewater glacier, that produces an iceberg Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs): a group of compounds that, on escape to the atmosphere,
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Unformatted text preview: break down, releasing chlorine atoms that destroy ozone molecules • Coriolis effect: a condition peculiar to motion on a rotating body such as the Earth. It appears to deflect moving objects in the northern hemisphere to the right and objects in the southern hemisphere to the left, to an observer on the rotating body. • Dry snow zone: the area of a snow field that is rarely warm enough for snow to melt • Eccentricity: the deviation of the earth’s path around the sun from a perfect circle • Esker: a long sinuous ridge winding across a landscape that has been formed by sediment deposited on the bed of a sub-glacial or englacial river that flowed in ice tunnels in or beneath a retreating glacier...
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geologytermsCH.11 - break down, releasing chlorine atoms...

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