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climate conference position paper

climate conference position paper - In Japan we are...

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Grant, Jonathan 900694733 4/25/10 Japan Global Climate Position Paper It is a widely known fact that the country of Japan has a lot to do with the global issue of climate change. The estimated population in Japan is over 127,000,000, which is ranked tenth in the world. This is simply too many people in one country, so obvious problems concerning climate would result from this type of area. Japan, for obvious reasons, is the country that started the Kyoto Protocol. Our main purpose of the protocol was to reduce greenhouse gases across the globe. Since Japan is the third largest economy in the world, behind the U.S. and China, we have already been forced to export energy-proficient and atmosphere-friendly technologies to developing countries. We are the world’s fifth largest contributor to greenhouse gases, which is the most significant issue because greenhouse gases are the causes of climate change.
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Unformatted text preview: In Japan, we are obligated to take on this leadership role in the Kyoto Protocol because we know we are one of the main reasons for negative, global climate change. We want all the governments in the world to work together to bring about new policies and enforce programs that make the way of life for our citizens the most beneficial. Our domestic efforts include bringing in emissions trading, restoring housing, subsidizing solar panels, and launching low-energy cars, so we believe we are handling our leadership role quite well. Thus, our country’s primary promotion of the Climate Change Issue is public awareness. Throughout Japan, we sense that developing countries and other larger countries need to make more of an effort to reduce greenhouse gases because climate change is a global issue....
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climate conference position paper - In Japan we are...

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