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Jonathan Grant Japan 2/25/2010 Climate Conference Background Information Japan is located in Eastern Asia as an island chain between the Sea of Japan (Factbook, 2010). The Korean peninsula is also to the west of Japan. According to CIA factbook, the total area is 377,915 sq. km in which 364,485 sq. km is land. Japan is ranked 61 st in the world as far as area, and the country is faintly smaller than California (Factbook, 2010). According to Factbook, the coastline of Japan spans over 29,751 kilometers. The climate is moderately cool in the north and tropical in parts of the south. Information from the CIA says that the highest point in Japan is Mount Fuji at 3,776 meters, and the lowest point is down at 4 meters which is Hachiro-gata. Japan does not have a sufficient amount of mineral resources. Thus their main resource is fish. They are the world’s largest importer of coal and second largest of oil because they have simply no energy, natural resources (CIA, 2010). There is 25,920 square kilometers of
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irrigated land in Japan, and the amount of water withdrawal is 88.43 cu km/yr, in which the per capita is 690 cu m/yr (Factbook, 2010). Since July of 2009, the estimated population of Japan was 127,078,679, which is ranked tenth in the world (CIA Factbook, 2010). The growth rate, by Intel of the CIA, was at -0.191% in 2009. There is no real, or relevant, migration rate for Japan. This proves that not many people want to move to Japan from another country which explains their negative growth rate of population. This migration rate, or lack thereof, also proves that Japan is ranked 10 th in the world for population. There are just too many people there, so outsiders do not want to be congested. The CIA states that 66% of the total population lives in the area urban areas, and in the past 5
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climateconfrencebackground - Jonathan Grant Japan Climate...

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