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Jonathan Grant April 4, 2010 Case Study 5.2: Montserrat, Paradise Lost The land mass known as Montserrat is a small island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Montserrat is also a British crown colony. The Soufriere Hills Volcano on this island had a cycle of eruptions in 1995. These explosions continued into 2000 on an episode basis. These eruptions had a unique beginning to them. There was a dome of andesitic lava in the innermost crater of the volcano. This down would collapse and create pyroclastic flows.
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Unformatted text preview: Ash falls came after these flows and covered most of the resort capital, Plymouth and St. Patricks. Half of Montserrat’s 12,000 civilians had to evacuate as it was seen on the television and the internet worldwide. Volcanic hazard zones were established in September 1997, but Montserrat’s paradise would soon be threatened by even more problems. It had an extreme hurricane season in 1999....
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