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Jonathan Grant 10.25.2010 “Dwight’s Speech” There were many different types of speeches and public speaking exercised throughout this episode. There is a scene where Michael uses the techniques of an impromptu speech and persuasive speaking at the same time. When he demonstrates to Dwight how to properly public speak, Michael is speaking of a topic that first comes to his head. He speaks to the rest of the employees in the office about something he just made up on the spot. This is the impromptu method of speaking. The fact that Michael talks about all the employees getting a raise taps into emotional appeal. This is where Michael is speaking persuasively by convincing the workers that they are in a good space at his office and will not find better work anywhere else in the same field. His persuasive technique is effective because he is speaking about a subject that captives his listeners immensely, so they automatically will pay closer attention to what he is saying. Dwight, on the other hand, is giving a speech on behalf of the acceptance of his award. This is special occasion speaking undoubtedly. Michael also exercises special occasion speech once he steps up to the podium that Dwight is supposed to be at. Dwight gets really nervous and will not go on stage, so Michael is basically forced up there as the introduction for Dwight. Introducing a speaker is a part of special occasion speaking.
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dwightsspeech - Jonathan Grant 10.25.2010 Dwights Speech...

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