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Jonathan Grant 11/19/10 Extra credit Paper The Recent Global Financial Crisis A recession is a period of time in which real incomes earned are waning and unemployment rate is mounting. The nation goes through reduction rather than growth during these periods. Several factors cause these events to happen repeatedly. Sometimes companies are incapable to sell the goods and services that they carry. Once this happens, these firms are forced to slow down their production. The majority of employees face a setback at this point, as unemployment will begin to ascend. Now, factories might as well be considered out of business because some are left inactive due to the amount of work being done there. The present global recession is taking its effect more significantly in other countries than the United States. The state of the economy, worldwide, is becoming very close to experiencing a recession. The current recession of the world all started with the United States some years ago. Our economy was reaching new heights because of this huge boom in the housing sector. It became easy for United States citizens to take housing loans because there were low interest rates and a plethora of foreign funds coming into the country. More and more people had great
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economicsxtarcredit - Jonathan Grant Extra credit Paper The...

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