current events #6 groundwater

current events #6 groundwater - Jonathan Grant Current...

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Jonathan Grant Current Events Folder #6 Gelbaum 11/9/11 Las Vegas Tries to Kick its Water Addiction It does not take a lot of imagination to know that Las Vegas has an unhealthy water obsession. There's the 22-million-gallon Bellagio fountain, where well water juts 500 feet into the air, is just one extreme example of their use in this part of Nevada. You have the liquid volcano at The Mirage, where water seems to bubble like lava. If it seems to bubble like lava, then it probably resemble a hot spring or a geyser to a geologist (Chapter 17 pages 472-474). And, finally, the blue canals inside the Venetian hotel, where water buoys gondolas for the amusement of gamblers and tourists. It does not help Las Vegas’ case that they are a city in the middle of a desert, the Mojave Desert, one of the hottest and driest places in the world. Once people like geologists are over Las Vegas Boulevard with the casinos and its fancy "water features", they know that this place only receives 4 inches of rain in an average year. The air gets to be dangerously dry.
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current events #6 groundwater - Jonathan Grant Current...

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