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all Reflections - Courtney Byrd Professor Davis 11/18/2008...

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Courtney Byrd Professor Davis 11/18/2008 UNST 140 African American Experience Course Reflection The purpose of being apart of the African American Experience course was to enrich the minds of many about the origin of blacks and what our culture fully exudes and how we have continued to fight for the freedoms we have today. The advancements we have made today have been roads traveled upon by many who never for a second believed that we hadn’t had a voice as a people nor rights of our own that would establish the equality we have amongst other races; particularly whites. Taking this course has allowed me to look further into my culture and fully embrace my roots more than I ever have. Since I’ve grasped mounds of information about my origin and where my ancestors have spawned, I’ve basqued in spreading the gospel. I’ve never been more proud to be an African American for this course was truly an experience being that so much has taken place within our country with the establishment of America’s first black president. This enjoyment has been one shared by not only myself but those all around me of multicultural backgrounds. This alone has proven that this is only the beginning. My eyes have been widened and my heart has opened to take in a lot more appreciation for the way that my ancestors have paved for me. I’ve always been proud of and not ashamed of where it is that I come from but this course and the many barriers that have been broken which have taken place outside of class and in our country did add more appreciation and glorification to the African American community. For anyone to
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all Reflections - Courtney Byrd Professor Davis 11/18/2008...

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