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Jonathan Grant 3/18/09 UNST 130-012 Even though Company A has a greater percent salary increase per year and possible bonuses, I would go with Company B upon my graduation. With the salary increase being at 3.5% for company A, at the end of my fifth year with them my salary would be at a value of $45,451.80. The bonus rate that they offer is just a possible circumstance. That is one aspect of a company that I would not take a chance on coming right out of college. Fresh out of college life, just looking to get experience, I would be looking for the greatest amount of money possible
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Unformatted text preview: given that all other significant factors are the same. Company B, on the other hand, starts me off with a higher salary of 47,320 but has a lower salary increase percentage of 2%. First of all, Company B’s starting salary is already higher than what I would be making at company A after five years. After working at Company B for five years, my salary would be $51,008.40 per year. The 4% bonus offered by Company A is not a guarantee. This was a big factor in making my decision to work with company B....
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