controlling the matter

controlling the matter - The environment I grew up in...

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Jonathan Grant Mr. Brown Critical writing 9/23/2008 Controlling the Matter Elements such as race or lack of mentors influence youth violence in my hometown. Teens might not understand all there is to know about race and therefore often stereotype or act wrongly towards others. Some kids growing up are unfortunate to be placed in a situation where they either have no guardians or lack one parent. These reasons are different from the article in that Milton Valencia did not discuss parenthood at all. My society was also different growing up because race was an enormous factor in most conflicts that occurred. Youth violence in my area growing up was a present problem, but I do not believe it was at the top of the list of major problems. My community had more resources than the one Valencia wrote about in Boston. The violence was controlled to an extent.
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Unformatted text preview: The environment I grew up in undoubtedly had huge restrictions on access to guns compared to the article from The Boston Globe. Violence among the youth in part of Georgia does spread pretty wide throughout the rest of the state but not at an appalling amount or rate. I know authorities in my school system are trying to resolve the problem by placing more security in schools, and the idea had helped. I know my area provides more community centers for the children in schools. This contribution allows teens to get off the streets and have activities to do during the day. The leaders at these centers become major role models for the youth as well. With some of the actions already taking place in my area, the youth have something positive to look forward to in life. They also can state that they feel safe in their own neighborhood....
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controlling the matter - The environment I grew up in...

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