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Demon project paper - Jonathan Grant 4/21/11 Dr. Dallas...

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Jonathan Grant 4/21/11 Dr. Dallas WRIT 2090-B Personal Pronoun Form and Usage The challenge I face the most often today, in grammar, is the proper use and forms of the personal pronouns. This demon mainly takes place in my everyday dialogue. I am referring to the dialogue in my comfort zones, whether it is casual conversations with my friends, family, or even in the comfortable environment of class. Conversations in the business and professional worlds show me using the personal pronouns a lot different, as in correctly 100 percent of the time. My goal is to conquer this demon for the sake of my everyday conversations that are not as serious in mood. I believe there are very natural reasons why I face this test on a daily basis when I speak, and the parental environment and situation that I am in, thankfully, has made me most aware of this problem in my speech. I’d I like to thank my father. School has had a lot to do with why and how I face this challenge with these specific pronouns. Throughout my entire scholastic career I have always loved Math. That has been my favorite subject and will always be my preference. Not just the fact that it is my favorite, but Math is the focal point I am best at in school. I do love English as well and all the reading and
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Demon project paper - Jonathan Grant 4/21/11 Dr. Dallas...

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