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engl101lovepoem - Jonathan Grant Jody R Martin English...

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Jonathan Grant Jody R. Martin English 101.006 15 October 2009 Critical Analysis Paper The first stanza of this love poem, “LIFE”, contains references and foreshadowing messages. The author commonly refers back to his life, as a man. He describes that his life is not complete and that this particular woman could be the one factor that could make his life so ever close to perfect. The man reveals that she is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. When the author mentions the woman relating to the Creator, God, this is an allusion to the story of Adam and Eve. This allusion has a great amount of meaning because the story of Adam and Eve is biblical. Comparing this woman to a story of such magnitude shows that he cares deeply for the woman and that the love is real. He illustrates that he had no choice but to weep after his eyes were set on the woman. These were undeniably tears of joy and exhilaration that only a very proud man would experience. This part of the stanza has vivid imagery and relates to the reader emotionally. The instance of the tears is also a metaphor for “love at first sight.” The moment that the author revealed that he could weep in great joy from the creation of this woman is the most important meaningful aspect of the poem concerning the topic of love. During the second stanza, he depicts that she is constantly in the presence of men but still a mystery. This is a simile because it involves irony. Mystery and presence forever are two very unlike characteristics. This first part of the stanza is an allusion to show that the woman is not only beautiful but loyal as well. Yet, no man has ever made it into her heart and found her love. This fact causes the man to be even more invested in her time as he yearns to be with her some
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day. He says the woman can cause great pleasure but inflicted great pain on the hearts of men. The author’s imagery is very effective here because he uses such emotion in describing her that
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engl101lovepoem - Jonathan Grant Jody R Martin English...

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