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Grant 1 There is a perception of newscasters or sportscasters as television stars. Especially on a show such as the daily sportscast, Sportscenter, the anchors are viewed as anything but the average citizen in America. Although the occupation is rare and the position so carefully granted, there is definitely no way that a man can take a Sportscenter anchor and say he can “read a book by its cover.” There is more and less to these anchors than what is commonly perceived from viewers. While Sportscenter is strictly a newscast on sports every day, all the other common newscasts are placing the sports world in a different light or lack thereof. The lives of the anchors, from the famed show Sportscenter, are much more straightforward and human than one usually believes, as this sportscast is one of the most attractive programs in all of television. However, the sports segments of standard newscasts have an ever so diminishing, dull role in today’s society. Sportscenter is a monstrous corporation overall, so undoubtedly, the complex has an endless amount of personalities and types of people that work on set as anchors, analysts, etc. The complex is a very impressive venue with so much potential. One could imagine it as a miniature city inside, with all the employees and activities going on. With so many aspects contained inside, for a main purpose, a variety of characteristics come to the surface from people. Everyone is different and unique. Sometimes the range of personalities is an asset to Sportscenter. Other times, certain type of people may be detrimental to the whole organization. Not all types of people get along, let alone work and co-exist together in a professional setting. A company, as important as Sportscenter is to society, is not going to tolerate threats to certain chemistries that are most important for the show. Of course, there are always people a part of any “team” that are vulgar and cocky. No matter what point an organization, or team, may get
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Grant 2 to, there are always a few people with this type of attitude and aura. A newscast, like Sportscenter, is bound to bring about some employees that are just naturally passionate about what they do. Sportscenter is an excuse for an easier way to bring about that trait from somebody if they do not already have it. If someone did not have that trait of enthusiasm and great desire about what they do, then they probably would not have been hired in the first place. Even though it is so difficult to believe, there are actually workers at this show that are very simple people. These people are very selective before they speak. This shows wisdom, which is true of this type of anchor. When Sportscenter airs every day, the audience can pretty much tell who is all about business and one of the most intelligent. Those were three very different types of people at a Sportscenter broadcast, yet they somehow have the professionalism to deal with each other, for now. The type of anchor, or employee that is rude and has a boastful attitude could very
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engl101researchpaper - Grant 1 There is a perception of...

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