CoastalProcesses - Coastal Hazards • tropical cyclones...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 10 - Coastal Processes at 10:26 AM Cape Hatteras Lighthouse beach erosion threatens historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • .5 km from sea when constructed late 19th c • 100 m away from sea in 1990s • 3 options. .. much debate • lighthouse move 500 m further inland at $12 million in 1999 • flexible coastal zone planning Introduction what is dynamic coastal environement? - convergent zone of continental and oceanic processes • >50% of world population concentrated in coastal zones • long US shoreline (93,000 mi) - ~ 75% US population living in coastal states • largest cities in coastal zones, coastal hazard problems compounded by this
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Unformatted text preview: Coastal Hazards • tropical cyclones (hurricanes in Atlantic, typhoons in pacific), other severe storms • marine floods and inland floods due to tropical storms • coastal erosion - loss of beach environment • tsunamis and tidal currents - hazardous • rip currents - killer waves (don't fight these) Coastal Processes - Waves • formed by winds - magnitude of waves controlled by wind • speed of wind • duration of wind • fetch of wind - area or distance blown by winds • tsunamis - caused by earthquakes or other seafloor movement - faulting • Wave and Water movement • wavelength L = crest to crest in m...
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CoastalProcesses - Coastal Hazards • tropical cyclones...

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